sample wireframe

sample page layout in form of a wireframe

The sketch outlines elements of a web page:

  • main menu with four sample items, one higlighted ("working groups")
  • search field
  • breadcrumb navigation (with a depth of five)
  • content area - left column: container with a dedicated tabbed navigation
    • link "back to overview"
    • title "Workshop User Experience"
    • copy text
    • headline "Next Meeting Date"
    • thumbnail image, a date, "Berlin", "Wireframes in UX Design", link "Register now"
    • headline "Working Group Members"
    • block with 8 portrait placeholders, below of each: name and company
  • content area - right column:
    • container titled "working group contact" with name, company, portrait placeholder, links to profile, e-mail, and phone
    • container titled "next dates" with two sample event data like in "next meeting date", below links "meetings archive" and "global calendar"
  • footer with links "Back to overview 'Workshops and Seminars'" and "Become a member"

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