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Last information update: 2017/09

eZ Platform, based on the Symfony framework, replaces its predecessor eZ Publish. With eZ Platform developers have the capability to develop various types of content presentation while editors have the tools to create, deliver and optimize content. This offers companies the ability to deliver multisite, multichannel and multilingual websites and apps.

eZ Systems is the company behind eZ Platform. Besides the freely available community edition which is presented here, eZ Systems offers commercial support and features, such as cloud-based “platform as a service” (PaaS) or a development and deployment environment.

Companies like ELLE, KitchenAid, DADAT Bank, Orange, Harvard and branches like media and entertainment, government, finance, education, telecom and retail industries use eZ Publish resp. eZ Platform.

Decoupled content delivery

Core features

eZ Platform is based on a decoupled architecture so businesses have the freedom to go „headless“ or traditional – or a combination of the two depending on the project. eZ’s repository, APIs and tools give organizations the control to customize and structure their content and reuse it across channels. eZ delivers content to various devices, channels and platforms – from desktops, tablets and mobile to smart TVs, digital signage and the internet of things (IoT). Lastly, eZ Platform allows users to consolidate vast amounts of web properties in a single location, as well as manage multilingual information.

eZ Platform is lightweight and not cumbersome on the organization‘s infrastructure. It provides a granular configurable system for user permissions, which allows organizations to set specific access rights for individual users across all features, ensuring high levels of security against breaches.

Content object view in eZ Platform

Strengths and weaknesses

The system is ideal for large enterprises working on complex projects such as web presences requiring many languages, many sites, and many content types. It excels when content needs to be reused in different places and contexts and to be presented differently. It can implement very sophisticated information architecture and offers few limitations to customization.

However, eZ Platform is a more complex solution than simple website building platforms. This implies that developers need a foundational knowledge before being very efficient with the solution. The learning curve for a developer is much steeper than using a less complex content management system.

eZ Publish features a flexible, layered architecture.


eZ Platform is built upon the full-stack PHP framework Symfony, while also utilizing the template engine Twig and the package manager for PHP applications, Composer. It provides developers with access to a flexible content repository, out-of-the-box clustering, caching and delivery systems. The system enforces clear separation between application layers making coding development to scale effective and manageable. eZ’s Public PHP API, REST API and SPI layers each enable full access to the content repository. eZ works with tools for deployment and testing such as Jenkins, Docker, Git and Behat to ensure seamless integration and deployment. The platform is LAMP-based and abides by the FOSS standards. The standards eZ abides to are HTML5, XML, docBook, REST, JSON, LDAP and others. eZ Platform integrates content from other applications and enables Content as a Service (CaaS) delivery to any app, site or device, in any language.

World wide community

Since eZ’s inception, the community has grown to 45,000 members that include developers, content creators, marketers and editors. Members continuously contribute to eZ Platform but also to Symfony, PHP, and other important components of the LAMP stack. Community members and partners are a core part of the eZ ecosystem, they have a direct say on the product roadmap, contribute significantly to the platform and decide on the governance of the community together with eZ Systems.

6 websites
The Madsack Media Group, one of the largest media publishers in Germany, runs all of its sites on eZ Platform.

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