Inter-Project Documentation Rendering Code Sprint

Logos der beteiligten Open-Source-Projekte

20. - 21. April 2023

Members of the TYPO3, phpDocumentor, Doctrine and Symfony documentation teams are working on a new, stable version of reST Parser and Renderer that integrates both forks.

If you are interested in participating in the Code Sprint or in development in general, you can contact Lina Wolf: via @linawolf or #typo3-documentation in the Slack there or the Slacks of Doctrine, Symfony and phpDocumentor or by mail to lina.wolf(at)

Sprint registrations must be made by April 12, 2023. The TYPO3 Documentation Team will then book the hotel and cover the costs for travel, accommodation and meals.

Event location

Emanuel-Leutze-Str. 11
40547 D├╝sseldorf