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Sponsoring open source events is generally a good idea but it has some pitfalls. This post will help you avoid the most common misconceptions.

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CMS Garden supports the Free Software Foudation's campaign. For the benefit of us all.

Agile project management vs. the ‘waterfall-approach‘: Two ways of project implementation

It all depends on proper planning: from meeting the budget to deciding for the appropriate content management system.

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Why Open Source for Government? In Camden we believe that we can only deliver true value for our customers, both citizens and businesses, if we make our solutions efficient and easy to use. We should not be imposing undue cost or inconvenience to our customers by making them conform to software specifications because we have chosen to use them. For us this means implementing open standards both for our user interface and for our integration.

Alasdair Mangham – Head of Information Systems and Development, London Borough of Camden
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