Tools und communication channels of the CMS Garden community

You are interested in becoming part of this awesome community and to be an ambassador for your favorite CMS, that's great! There are many possibilities to get involved and promote your CMS. You need not even be a developer.

Website user account

Register as a website user (registrations will be reviewed by an administrator and manually activated). You user profile will give the communities (optional) information about where you're from, and if applicable, what services you offer (great for networking). The newsletter will keep you informed (very low frequency) about CMS Garden activities. You can submit your favourite lectures (sessions/talks) to the lecture database, write blog posts, and some more to gain more visibility for yourself in the near future.

Collaborative tools

With a global CMS Garden user account, you will have access to all other tools, e. g. NextCloud (file exchange), Rocketchat (communication), Redmine (project management). Members of the CMS Garden Association will automatically get a user account - all other volunteers are welcome to self-register. Make yourself known through the chat and you will gain access to more tools.



After clicking through the information and posts on the website we recommend to check the Forum. Registration is not required for reading access and you can register yourself to say hello and involve yourself in current topics/initiatives/ideas. You might notice that many threads are in German. Don't feel repelled, we want to change that. Everybody in the active group speaks English and is very ready to switch even for a single person.

The Forum is currently being migrated to the central user management.

Membership / sponsoring

You would like to sustainably support the CMS Garden Association and/or its activities? Have a look at the opportunities to support CMS Garden's projects and ideas. Anyone, be it you as a freelancer or hobbyist, be it a CMS service agency or an organization, anyone can contribute a little bit to achieve a great goal.