Support CMS Garden!

You love this project, too. You want to be a supporter. Now what's next?


If you can spare some contribution time, please feel welcome to the volunteers team!

The project needs people with a lot of enthusiasm and the capability to identify tasks as well as feel responsive for their fulfilment. You should have worked with one or more open source CMS for a while, but you do not need any special skills or deep knowledge about them. We are very happy about people who

  • are experienced in organizing events/trade fair presences
  • know how to promote a project in social media channels
  • have a graphical design talent
  • already have held sessions/lectures/presentations about content management in general or in special connected topics
  • love to take care of a crowd's needs concerning accomodation and catering (you're a passionate cook? we love good food!)
  • or simply can spare some time to keep this website up to date (e. g. upload new banner sets for the downloads section)

Spread the word

  • Tell others about CMS Garden. Let them know they can join or support.
  • Think about adopting the idea for your local market.
  • Submit your testimonial.

Become a Member

Full members of the CMS Garden Association are welcome to join the working groups and to participate in the activities. Your membership fees help funding the production of the CMS Gardener's Guide and other fixed expenses.

  • Full Member - Company/Institution - 1,000.- €/year
    Typical institutional members are associations that represent a CMS or companies that earn their money with one or more of the "Garden's" CMS.
  • Full Member - Personal - 100.- €/year
    Typical private members are the individuals that dedicate themselves to CMS Garden, e. g. by being part of the organizational team or an ambassador at events. Young professionals and startups may be accepted as personal members.

Anyone may as well become a Sustaining Member if your focus is rather on gathering information from CMS Garden opposed to actively working with the association. The yearly membership fee may be freely defined (minimum 100.- €).

Membership application form

Financial Sponsorship

The easiest way to become a sponsor is by "booking" advertisement in the next edition of CMS Gardener's Guide. Annual deadlines are around January. All info concerning advertisement, service directory entries, and the CeBIT partner booth concept are enclosed in the mediadata document on the downloads page.

Or contact for individual ideas.

Other Sponsoring

Yes, we need money in first place. But any sponsoring that helps reducing costs or efforts is very welcome, too. We need:

  • hardware partners (supply presentation workstations, short-distance beamer, professional camera/sound equipment)
  • meeting rooms (for working groups or meetups)
  • accomodation partners (beds + food for 10-40 volunteers at several events)
  • media partners (active support with writing and publishing press releases before, during, and after event participations)

Contact us if you feel addressed.


    Your donation will be used for necessary costs like printing, booth staff's accomodation, decoration etc. Donate any amount you think is appropriate and/or you can afford.

    Please use the Papal Donation button or bank account data given in the sidebar.