Terms & conditions

The rules we are playing by


  • I am here to promote open source, not myself or my business. 
  • I will not put others down, neither persons nor content management sytems.
  • I will avoid causing stress to volunteers by all means.
  • I follow the netiquette.

This is a non-profit project, not an advertising platform.

Any publications in online and print media follow these rules:

  • We voluntarily promote FOSS-CMS (Free-and-Open-Source-Content-Managent-Systems)
  • We, members of the CMS communities and interested parties, learn from and about each other. We do not use what we learn to disparage individual CMSs and/or their communities. Nor to enhance a favored CMS
  • We disseminate information factually and (self-)critically. Claims are verifiable. We do not use any marketing phrase 
  • We do not actively advertise commercial (or freelance) offers, neither in our own economic interest nor in the interest of a partner. We will not jeopardize the non-profit status
  • It is permissible to inform in a factual and reserved manner about what I work and for whom I work. I am allowed to mention my expertise because it supports the trust in my voluntary consulting

No claim to access, no claim to publication

I understand that

  • the board of CMS Garden e. V. or administrators on its behalf reserve the right not to publish, to correct or to withdraw the publication of content created by me, if they have knowledge that this content violates the terms of use or the rules of the association
  • the deletion of content is only possible via a workflow, in order to ensure consistency of interlinked content
  • my user account can be blocked/deleted if I violate the terms of use or applicable law
  • the provision of services can be discontinued without individual prior warning ("prior warning", for example, only by minutes of a general meeting)

Using the tools in our infrastructure

CMS Garden provides tools for interest/working group collaboration. Security updates for these tools are applied promptly and backups are also created, but the association does not guarantee the permanent and continuous availability of the tools and the data they contain. The groups themselves are responsible for compliance with data protection and for creating backups. In case of violation of applicable law or morality, we reserve the right to delete content and/or block access.

We always give preference to open source tools and do not discuss whether proprietary software hosted outside the EU might be easier to use. This consistency strengthens our mission to promote open source CMSs as the great solutions they are.