How you can participate in CMS Garden

You are beginning to love this project, too. You would like to support it. Now what's next?

As a CMS community member

You are already an active volunteer for $cms? Awesome, please continue!

Be an ambassador for your favorite CMS

Promote your CMS at our public joint activities. Your knowledge about your CMS will be sufficient to help the audience answer general questions.

Make CMS Garden known in your CMS community

Achieve more in public relations

If you are already involved in marketing your CMS increase your scope and effects.

  • Publish your events in our common event calendar to reach a larger audience
  • Publish press releases
  • Gain more momentum bei co-organizing CMS Garden's presence on specialist conferences
  • Keep the portrait of your CMS up to date. This is the place where decision-makers come to for comparison
  • Publish articles in our blog resp. magazine

It's rewarding

What is your personal benefit? Members of other CMS communities get to know you with your CMS expertise. This has often led to fruitful collaborations.

As a supporter in the CMS Garden

  • Become a member. Membership fees cover the production of the CMS Gardener's Guide and further fixed costs. Have a look at our members list to find out who else is supporting.
  • Coordinate projects. Project managers are always welcome here.
  • Co-organize CMS Garden attendance at conferences. You can rely on routine in the processes, however: someone should wear the hat.
  • Write articles in the magazine. We have a topic collection in case you'd like some inspiration.
  • You have a talent in photography, graphics design, strategic planning, social media publishing, making and keeping contacts, or you are simply good at setting up beautiful catering? Your contributions are very welcome!

The visibility of your brand at CMS Garden could be interesting for you? Then discuss the different sponsoring opportunities with your team:

  • Financial support
  • Benefits in kind (e. g. provide rooms, accommodation)
  • Hardware partnership
  • Media partnership

It's rewarding

CMS Garden has a reputation as an unerring source of helpful information. As an official partner, you benefit from this image and at the same time make your brand known in the CMS communities we represent.

By the way, you'll find tips for successful sponsoring in our Blog.

Your membership in the CMS Garden association

Why and how to become an association member.

Four different phone boxes are mounted in slightly different heights on shabby turquoise wall

...really nice people

Reach out to us! Either at an upcoming event or during one of our open online meetings - or use the contact form.