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Looking for cross-CMS exchange of insights, best practises, working groups? Or are you still undecided what technology to base your further career on? Get in touch with other open source community members, support our activities!

Participating Content Management Systems

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Ramdomly picked articles from our magazine


Deciding on Open Source

About content managements systems, open source software, and the licenses

The introductory text to the CMS Gardener's Guide gives a brief overview over open source software and content management systems in general.

Stephan Luckow
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Web projects

Design is not a concept

Form follows function

Design is important. But it should not replace functional specifications. Because if it tries, more often than not it will cause conflicts.

Meike Jung
Aline Skibitzki
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WCAG 3.0 - a first look

What we are up to with the next version of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are being revised. We took a look at the status of version 3. There will be major changes.

Dennis Westphal
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