We are delighted to announce that the official CMS of the Federal Government is based on a free open-source CMS: TYPO3.

A large waterdrop is bending the tip of a grass leaf

It could also be about Corporate Identity (CI) and Corporate Design (CD), but this article explains the buzzword of modern software development. It's all about improving quality and speed.

We attend Chemnitz Linux Days since 2014. And what can I say: we kept up the series. In the Corona years, we joined the remote conference experiment and were pleased that the organizers had chosen Workadventure in combination with BigBlueButton as an alternative. We already knew this setup from our own online edition of Open Web Lounge.

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are being revised. We took a look at the status of version 3. There will be major changes.

The Web Conference is one of most important conferences for research about the web. As part of this large conference the Web for All conference takes place, usually on the first two days. Along with the ASSETS conference, the Web for All conference is one of the most important conferences about research for accessible information technology.

Why accessibility for everyone actually affects—well, everyone

Sponsoring open source events is generally a good idea but it has some pitfalls. This post will help you avoid the most common misconceptions.

Public Money - Public Code

CMS Garden supports the Free Software Foudation's campaign. For the benefit of us all.

Every software you work with – including your content management system – regularly receives updates. What many users forget: apart from new features concerning looks and technology they mostly make the system’s security stronger.

Design is important. But it should not replace functional specifications. Because if it tries, more often than not it will cause conflicts.