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Your membership in the CMS Garden association

Your membership badge is a signal to the public that you are actively involved in top CMS experts' exchange.

The general assembly decides regularly which CMS will be promoted by CMS Garden. This does not necessarily mean that a CMS without membership cannot be present but a membership gives the CMS a vote.


Membership types

The membership fees help funding the production of the CMS Gardener's Guide and other fixed expenses.

  • Full Member - Company/Institution - 1,000.- €/year
    Typical institutional members are associations that represent a CMS or companies that earn their money with one or more of the "Garden's" CMS.
  • Full Member - Personal - 100.- €/year
    Typical private members are the individuals that dedicate themselves to CMS Garden, e. g. by being part of the organizational team or an ambassador at events. Young professionals and startups may be accepted as personal members.

Anyone may as well become a Sustaining Member if your focus is rather on gathering information from CMS Garden opposed to actively working with the association. The yearly membership fee may be freely defined (minimum 100.- €).

Membership application

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Membership type
Annual sustaining membership fee. We suggest for organizations/companies: € 1,500.-/year, for private supporters: € 150.-/year (minimum required: € 100.-/year)
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Member's contact data

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Our official documents are currently only available in German. Please contact us in case you need an official translation.

Statutes of CMS Garden e. V. (PDF, German, 129.07 KB)
Rules of procedure of CMS Garden e. V. (PDF, German, 61.36 KB)