Frequently asked questions

Of course, questions remain open. Most of the time, others have had these questions as well. Here are our most frequent answers.

Deciding on a CMS

Deciding on a CMS

Should we change the CMS with the relaunch?

Which CMS serve accessibility?

Which CMS allow for responsive design?

Our web pages should be presented in a reasonable manner on smartphones, too. Our current CMS obviously cannot produce that. Which CMS are optimized for all screen sizes?

Which is the best CMS?

WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, TYPO3 ... now which one is the best CMS?

Are open source CMS insecure?

Are proprietary (closed source) CMS insecure?

Contributing to the CMS Gardener's Guide

Contributing to the CMS Gardener's Guide

To update our CMS portrait, what is expected?

I have been appointed by our community to help update the $cms chapter. What do you want me to do, where should I start?

Project planning

Project planning

How can we be sure to find a qualified tender?

How much will it cost?

Finding experts

Finding experts

Can we hire you?

Can you find a speaker for our conference?

Further CMS participation

Further CMS participation

Why is my CMS missing?

My favored CMS is not listed here. You should have a look at it and write a portrait.

How can a CMS participate?

Under which circumstances can a CMS participate in CMS Garden?

What does the "application" require?

Our community is aware of the required efforts. We want to join. What's next?

Content on this website

Content on this website

Outdated CMS information - can you please update?

The page on $cms is quite outdated. Please update the information.

How can our event be published in the calendar?

Can I publish a blog post here?

Can I update our CMS logo?

Our CMS has a new logo (version). Where can I change that?