Frequently Asked Questions

CMS Participation

Under which circumstances can a CMS participate in CMS Garden?

CMS Garden is a voluntary initiative and requires commitment of a CMS's community. Above all, the CMS needs to meet the project's requirements:

  • Open Source CMS, publicly available free of charge (i. e. can be downloaded and installed without restrictions
  • Must have a community, i. e. severeal individuals working for more than a single company, who are involvend in further development and distribution of the software
  • The community needs to feel responsible for tasks within CMS Garden (plus joining regular telephone conferences, activities in working groups etc.)
  • Active support of the CMS Garden Association

The association's General Meeting decides upon a CMS's participation in general and about how and to what extent a CMS will be presented in CMS Garden. From this point of view, a membership may be helpful but it is no precondition.

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