Frequently Asked Questions

CMS Participation

My favored CMS is not listed here. Your should have a look at it and write a portrait.

There are uncounted wonderful Open Source CMS, of course. But CMS Garden is not a platform writing about CMS. It is a platform maintained by CMS communities, by volunteer enthusiasts who put effort in actively presenting their CMS.

The participation of a CMS depends on the contributions of its community. When a few preconditions are met, it's completely up to the community's effort to make their CMS visible in CMS Garden. Are you a member of that community? Welcome! CMS Garden is not a closed society.

Under which circumstances can a CMS participate in CMS Garden?

CMS Garden is a voluntary initiative and requires commitment of a CMS's community. Above all, the CMS needs to meet the project's requirements:

  • Open Source CMS, publicly available free of charge (i. e. can be downloaded and installed without restrictions
  • Must have a community, i. e. severeal individuals working for more than a single company, who are involvend in further development and distribution of the software
  • The community needs to feel responsible for tasks within CMS Garden (plus joining regular telephone conferences, activities in working groups etc.)
  • Active support of the CMS Garden Association

The association's General Meeting decides upon a CMS's participation in general and about how and to what extent a CMS will be presented in CMS Garden. From this point of view, a membership may be helpful but it is no precondition.

Ok, got it. Our community is aware of the required efforts. We want to join. What's next?

Awesome, welcome to the Garden! We are happy about every growing plant.

That's what we expect from your part:

  • At least three contact persons speaking for your CMS. That may be a team of equals or a main delegate with deputies, up to you. But each of you should feel and show responsible for your CMS's continuity.
  • Discuss in what ways/by what activities you will support CMS Garden (discussion should include an organizational membership) and let us know.
  • Start talking to us via forum or chat: Tools und communication channels of the CMS Garden community
  • Write a matter-of-factly editorial portrait of your CMS that is suitable for print in the next CMS Gardener's Guide. Take e. g. the Joomla! Portrait as a model. We are striving to have bilingual versions for every country the book is published in. For the time being that's English/German so please be ready to provide a German translation after the review process of the initial text. Have a look at the characteristics of different participating CMS and gather as many facts + figures as possible.
  • Approaching the print deadline, we will regularly (yearly) ask you to fill in a complex "matrix". There is no online version of that yet. You will get access to a spreadsheet in time.
  • Provide 2 to 4 screenshots that give a good impression of your CMS's back-end. A further 3 screenshots should show lighthouse examples of websites/applications created with your CMS. Further screenshots welcome. Make sure you have permission to use those screenshots for general marketing purposes.
  • Your CMS' logo as vector (CMYK), SVG (RGB), and pixel graphics (min. 300 px width, RGB).

Once you have all material at hand, contact us via the contact form ("Support for CMS Garden"). We will get back to you with directions on how/where to submit the files. As soon as the editors had a look, you will get feedback. We count this as your "application" and will discuss your CMS's presentation on the next general meeting. But by then we will for sure be in regular communication.