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The CMS Gardener's Guide is the first dedicated publication to give a fair overview about strengths and weaknesses of the CMSs.

The editorial content was originally planned to consist simply of one text about each participating CMS. But ideas often grow with the realization. The first edition holds an introduction about open source and content management in general, some testimonials of more or less renowned people, a glossary, and a matrix for comparing the most commonly compared features. In the subsequent editions the CMS portraits have continuously been updated and the introduction grew by several chapters about cms project planning.


The book was always very welcomed by the audience, and there's a high demand.


  • 1st edition: February 2013, published by Drupal e. V.
  • 2nd revised/extended edition: February 2014, published by CMS Garden e. V.
  • 3rd revised/extended edition: October 2015, published by CMS Garden e. V.
  • 4th revised/extended edition: October 2017, published by CMS Garden e. V.

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