Back in person at Chemnitz Linux Days - alive and kicking

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Rollups, a tidy booth, a few flyers spread across the table.

We attend Chemnitz Linux Days since 2014. And what can I say: we kept up the series. In the Corona years, we joined the remote conference experiment and were pleased that the organizers had chosen Workadventure in combination with BigBlueButton as an alternative. We already knew this setup from our own online edition of Open Web Lounge.

All the more we were pleased to be back in person a few days ago at the "Chemnitz Catering Days". The event acquired this nickname with their reputation for excellent catering. Those who didn't want to attend any lecture at least came for lunch. For that alone the journey is worthwhile.


Botschafter als Gruppenbild
Wearing their straw hats with dignity: Marco Steinhäuser, Michael Böker, and Moritz Steinhauer

With Maik Derstappen, Robert Windisch and me we had veterans of the CMS Garden traveling circus on premises and were looking forward to Joachim Nickel's debut as a Contao ambassador in the garden. Marco Steinhäuser threw on hat and apron and excelled in CMS consulting talks although his real passion is e-commerce. We were able to discretely forward one or the other question of interested visitors regarding shop systems to him.

We were especially pleased about the participation of Moritz Steinauer who was available as a contact person for his cultural platform OpenCulturas for the entire weekend. OpenCulturas is a Drupal distribution that is available to everyone as free software to promote arts + culture especially in rural regions.

From the 3,000 visitors of the Chemnitzer Linux Days we welcomed a good 250 at our booth and answered detailed questions about open source content management systems. We handed out 150 CMS Gardener's Guides what will hopefully be thoroughly read and have an effect.

Screenshot aus der Aufzeichnung: Startfolie, klein eingesetzt ein Videobild der Votragenden

Straw head swapped for an agency owner's hood, I held a session together with Moritz which has been recorded. If you are interested in the topic "Turning customers into maintainers, is that even possible?", have fun with the recording (in German language). Contact me if you are interested in an English version, live or remote.

I would like to personally thank all participants who actively made the event possible. This includes not only the aforementioned, but especially the tireless people from Chemnitz and the surrounding area, who have been putting this event together for years. Thank you.

Next year we will celebrate the 10th anniversary. Promised :)


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