Open Web Lounge

11. - 13. September 2018

Drupal Europe 2018 will host a barcamp called "Open Web Lounge". This event embraces many open source solutions, coordinated by CMS Garden and the Open Source Initiative.

Going international

CMS Garden's idea and concepts are well established in some European contries (especially in Germany). Now is the right moment to internationalize because:

Automattic had a very good idea some months ago: they set up a sponsor booth at the North American DrupalCon and dedicated it to BoF-style sessions, inviting people with different technological background to meet and share under the label "Open Web Lounge".

Sounds familiar? Yes, we thought so, too. Automattic wants to repeat that and CMS Garden stepped in to coordinate that part of Drupal Europe's program: an unconference inside the conference. This time it's a real lounge with 330 sqm. Read more at

The contribution concept

The international Drupal community wants to raise awareness for the diversity of open source contributions. They recently started promoting awareness for how narrowing it is to use the wording "code sprints". Or course the major part of contributions will still be required in development but of course all open source projects also need contributions in terms of concept, design, copywriting, marketing ... and in sharing insights and experiences. Many small groups spend a huge amount of time with re-inventing wheels (interestingly enough most are circular in the end). Looking back at uncounted talks with many of these smaller groups, CMS Garden feels some responsibility for this new approach.

Drupal Europe invites open source communities to come and share their experiences, best practises, pains and learnings. Considering this contributions, the organizers introduced a new type of admission tickets:

Contribution tickets

People who are interested to attend Drupal Europe only to join the Drupal contribution areas or the Open Web Lounge are invited to apply for a "Contribution Discount" ticket. The price is 100.- EUR, valid for all 5 days (Open Web Lounge will only be open at the 3 conference days). The ticket covers daily drinks, snacks, and a lunch.

Fill in the application form before 31. August, tick "Attend the Open Web Lounge" and you will receive a voucher code allowing you to redeem your discount ticket in the ticket widget:

What about the Drupal conference?

It will not be possible to attend the conference sessions with a Contributions Discount Ticket. But we recommend to consider buying a full conference ticket (giving you access to the Open Web Lounge as well). Not only because CMS Garden ambassador David Jardin gives a talk about SIWECOS ("CMS security sponsored by the German government").

Just some session examples you might have not expected at a Drupal conference:


Event location

Wissenschafts- und Kongresszentrum Darmstadt
Schloßgraben 1
64283 Darmstadt

Thanks to our supporters