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Inspiring People To Share" has always been the motto of the TYPO3 project. We are happy to share our experiences with other open source CMS.

Ben van't Ende –

Why accessibility for everyone actually affects—well, everyone

Every software you work with – including your content management system – regularly receives updates. What many users forget: apart from new features concerning looks and technology they mostly make the system’s security stronger.

CMS-Garden booth the night before LinuxTag starts

Sharing the booth's back wall with Microsoft and catty-cornered from Deutsche Telekom, CMS Garden presents the largest booth by far in hall 7.1 at Linuxtag Berlin 2013 - and the most colorful. Twenty to thirty "content management ambassadors" will attend each day, ready and happy to consult each visitor about Dupal, Scientific CMS, django CMS, Plone, WordPress, TYPO3, CONTENIDO, Joomla!, OpenCms, and Papaya.

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Different tasks require different tools. Different types of website content require different types of software tools. Open Source allows for diversity. Let's take advantage of it!

Peter Boy –
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The Plone community is enjoying the spirit of the OpenSource CMS sector since over 10 years. We look forward to this impressing show together with the other projects and would like to present our roadmap for the future of Plone.

Maik Derstappen – Python Software Verband e. V.
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Talking with people from other systems and looking beyond one's own nose - that's unique chance that we'll snap!

David Jardin – Mambo e. V.
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CMS-Garden is a great chance to plant the idea of open source and open source communities in people's hearts.

Stephan Luckow – Drupal e. V.
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Airy - conquering the world - amplifying - vivid - in motion as the dandelion. CONTENIDO attends the community garden.

Thomas Schäfer-Tertilt –
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Compare. Communicate. Develop ideas. Together to experience the variety of open source.

Alexander Bröss –
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