Neos Conference


Over four days, the "Who's Who" of international Neos expertise and the community will meet. About 60 % of the presentations will revolve around CMS & Flow, the remaining 40 % will deal with overarching topics of technology, development and sustainability.

Day 1: Workshop "From Zero to Hero

Day 2+3: Conference

Day 4: Contribution Day Workshop

The entire event will be streamed live and each talk will be recorded individually for later posting online and use for personal promotional purposes. There are videos of previous events on the YouTube channel.

NeosCon is the largest event dedicated to the open source CMS Neos. The conference features talks about Neos directly from the developers themselves. The latest developments will be showcased, but the primary focus of the conference is mutual learning and networking.

On the first day, there will be workshops for both beginners and advanced participants. During the two conference days, highlights of the Neos CMS will be presented. At the end of the first conference day, the so-called "Social Event" will take place, providing all attendees with the opportunity to forge new Neos contacts and reconnect with old ones.

The Neos CMS thrives on the collective goal of offering one of the most innovative CMS solutions as open source. The community tirelessly works on incorporating new meaningful features that also inspire other CMS systems, thus propelling the CMS market significantly forward.

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