CMS UnConference / Open Web Lounge 2020

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16. - 18. October 2020

This year as an online event, fully powered by self-hosted free and open source software (i. e. no Zoom & Co):

The offical CMS Garden conference is an UnConference or BarCamp: Any session (prepared or spontaneously) will be announced informally. You may announce your topic wishlist as well. Usually there will be someone willing to hold a lecture on it. We know from many common activities that it need no more organization than this for a fertile sharing of expertise. Let yourself be inspired, educated, enthused!


Start from the event's landing page:

Get ready for online participation

We will be using open source tools (self-hosted). Some of these require a registration. Please register your account at now, free of charge

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Step by step directions

The setup

  • BigBlueButton (with BBB at Scale): One "Room" per Track. User account required for speakers or audience participation. If you prefer, you can watch the stream without registration.
  • Rocketchat (requires a registered account)
    • Open channels for each track "room", for example #200 for "Room 200"
    • Urgent announcements during the event in #general (the "lobby" channel). Just to have an independent tool in the unlikely case of a complete videoconferencing breakdown.
  • CodiMD pad: Collaborative markdown session notes for each room. Share links or even screenshots for discussion or as show notes. The pads will be accessible by everyone who has the link. But only registered users can write.
  • Kanban board for session planning.

Further links


Free of charge. The register link will be published here, soon.

Agenda (outline)

Sessions schedule will be on saturday/sunday mornings. Prepare for 45 minutes per session (including questions and answers).

Friday, Oct. 16

6.00 pm - 8.00 pm CEST*
Warm-up video chat (for registered users)

Saturday, Oct. 17

Rough outline:

10.00 am - 11.00 am CEST*
Round of introductions (people + topics)
11.00 am - 7.00 pm CEST*
Sessions (maybe with a little lunch break)
7.00 pm CEST*
Online socializing (VR equipment optional), break-out rooms

Sunday, Oct. 18

11.00 am - 03.00 pm CEST*
Online socializing, break-out rooms

*) CEST (central-european summer time) = UTC +2.


Bring your (!) own topics, no matter if you can hold a lecture, just want to suggest a session topic or invite to a discussion. Suggest your topic at OpenSpacer. Here's some inspiration:

  • security and safety
  • technical talk about your favorite cms/extension
  • success story about how you customers benefit from open source applications
  • multilanguage concepts
  • agile project management
  • offer calculation
  • multiple-device design
  • APIs
  • accessibility
  • privacy
  • sustainable community-building
  • usability
  • test-driven development
  • WordPress, Plone, Drupal, ScientificCMS, Joomla!, Contao, TYPO3, Sulu, Neos, CONTENIDO, Umbraco... or any other wonderful open source cms... what do they have in common, what are the differences, how to evaluate...

Suggest your topic here.

Friendliness, respect, and fun are always present. Feel welcome to join!


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